This Woman Falsely Claimed to be Aunt of Newtown Victim in Order to Claim Money

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From the Atlantic Wire:

Federal authorities announced Thursday that they have arrested Nouel Alba, who they allege posed as an aunt of one of the 20 first-graders killed in the Newtown shootings, claimed to have identified his body, and proceeded to collect and solicit money for a bogus funeral fund over Facebook.


That's right. A woman posed as the aunt of six-year-old Noah Pozner so she could solicit Facebook users to send her donations through Paypal. Let me repeat: A woman CLAIMED TO BE THE AUNT OF A DEAD KID so she could swindle potential do-gooders to send her sympathy funds. Disgusting.

It's unclear how much money Alba collected for her fake “funeral fund,” but the good news is, she's been busted. NBC's Jeff Rossen uncovered the crime, and the FBI has swooped in to charge Alba with operating a fake Facebook account designed to solicit donations, for lying with potential donors, and for lying to a federal officer. (Among Alba's most execrable actions: She told a potential donor that she was responsible for identifying the body of the dead first grader in the Sandy Hook schoolhouse. This was a blatant lie—only parents were allowed to identify the victims.)

If convicted, Alba faces a five-year jail sentence, $250,000 fine, and the everlasting legacy as one of the biggest douche nozzles on Planet Earth.

[H/T: Atlantic Wire]

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