I’m Fairly Certain This 110-Pound Woman With 32F Breasts Is Not Going To Find True Love On Tinder

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Is Tinder the place for women who are looking to meet millionaires and billionaires? Probably not. Go audition with Patti Stanger and get cast on Millionaire Matchmaker or go on one of the many dating sites for millionaires if you’re looking for a sugar daddy. I mean the guys on Tinder are looking to get sex without even taking a lady for the cheapest steak at Applebee’s, so why would they be so free-handed with their cash money with some random chick? This woman doesn’t give a care and still is looking for super wealthy men on the dating app.

This 26-year-old woman appears to in search of a man on Tinder who is very generous with her time and is extremely appreciative of her curvaceous 110-pound body that boasts gargantuan 32F-sized breasts.

Qualifications: You must be a surgeon, million-dollar CEO or a Wall Street banker. Good luck finding those men on Tinder.

She says she’s becoming a doctor and likes a “90,000$ Hermes bag.” Maybe put the dollar sign in the right place before you ask for such extravagant trinkets and say you’re going to be a physician.

While her body has caviar tastes, it seems like face is maybe only worth a trip to White Castle for a sack of sliders.

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