This Woman Has 50 Orgasms a Day, Her Boyfriend Doesn’t Get to Enjoy Any of Them


Amanda Gryce has a rare condition called Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder whereby she has 50 orgasms per day just by living a normal life. Say what you want, but I think 50 orgasms in one day juuuuuuust passes the tipping point of where orgasms go from “well, this is a fun thing to be doing” to “JESUS CHRIST ENOUGH ALREADY.”

This is a rough situation as it is for Gryce, but she also has a boyfriend who has to suffer through this condition with her. He is forced to abstain from having sex with her (he has actually NEVER had sex with her) until medical treatments get her condition under control. On the bright side, the guy probably gets to watch porn and jerk off till his heart’s content and she can’t say shit about it, which is more than most of us in relationships get to do.

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