Dr. Pimple Popper’s Got Nothing On This: Woman Has Fingernails Growing Out Of Her Head

Shayna first noticed her extremely rare malady after an asthma attack, afterwards her life would take a drastic turn as she faced reality. She has an extremely rare disease, one that most doctors in the world are completely unfamiliar with. Shayna has fingernails growing out of her scalp/head, and throughout her body.

This clip came from an episode of Diagnose Me, a new TV series on Discovery Life. While on the surface this show might seem to prey on society’s fascination with the bizarre I happen to think there’s a much more magnanimous reason for this show’s existence: it brings awareness to the rare diseases that humans face on a daily basis worldwide. Everyone has a story, and this is the latest outlet for these people afflicted with extremely rare diseases to have their stories told.