This Woman’s Job Is To Watch Porn ALL DAY LONG And She Actually Gets Paid To Do It

by 3 years ago

A lot of people say they have “The Best Job Ever,” but Sylvia Nikolova has THE BEST JOB EVER. You see, Sylvia’s “job” is to watch porn all day long. Yes. For reals.

Sylvia, who lives in Bulgaria, works for the U.S.-based Porn Guardian. Her employer works with porn studios and distributors such as Vivid and Hustler to find pirated porn content. Their job is to find the stolen content and sends out DMCA notices to the filehosts, tubes, torrents, blogs, newsgroups and other places that are illegally hosting fuck films. THey monitor the reported URLs to see if and when the freaky flicks are taken down.

So from 9-to-5, Sylvia looks at porn, searching and searching for unlicensed material and taking it down. I imagine there’s good reason that this job is designated to a female, I know I’d be like, “Sorry honey, it’s been a hard day at the office and it looks like I’m going to have to stay late AGAIN.” So not only am I jealous of Sylvia, I am also kind of upset with her since she is taking top-notch creampie vids off of free sites like Pornhub and xHamster. Now you’re fucking with my bread and butter. Not cool Sylvia. Not cool at all.

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