Woman Goes to Hospital in Severe Pain. You Might Too If You Left a Dildo Inside Yourself For 10 Fucking Years

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I’ve always hated when girlfriends or friends or parents or whoever bitched at me that “being drunk is not an excuse.” It most certainly is an excuse and this lady, who had a FUCKING SEX TOY LIVING INSIDE HER FOR 10 YEARS because she was so drunk at time of dildoing, is the perfect example of that. There is literally no other reason other than “because I was drunk” as to why a 5-inch dill was left up her honey hole for 10 years.

According to Daily Mail

A Scottish woman walked around with a five-inch sex toy inside her for 10 years without realising, doctors have reported.

The 38-year-old woman arrived at hospital complaining of severe weight loss, shaking and lethargy.

She had also experienced mild incontinence for ‘a few weeks’.

On further examination, doctors were shocked to discover a strange foreign body protruding into her bladder from her vagina.

Surgical removal of the item at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary revealed it to be a five inch (11cm)-long sex toy.

Medical staff were even more taken back when the woman revealed she had used the sex toy with her partner ten years ago. 

She also admitted she was under the influence of alcohol at the time – and claimed she couldn’t remember removing it or not.

Nothing about this story makes sense. How are you sober enough to remember using it, but so drunk that you completely whiff when it comes to pulling it out of yourself? Astonishing.

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