Woman Publicly Shames Man She Met On Tinder Because He Bounced After She Had Sex With Him

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Let me get this straight. Someone met a person on Tinder, fucked them and then had the audacity to post flyers around the guy’s office and coffee shop where they met about how big of a shitbag he is because he didn’t want anything to do with her after that?

I mean, if that scenario above — minus the shaming by way of flyers — isn’t the reason Tinder exists, then I’m confused as to why it’s still a thing in our society. It’s a hookup app. There is a reason why they don’t advertise how many successful marriages they have helped broker. (My guess, less than ten.)

But, apparently this chick from Auckland, NZ thinks there’s more to Tinder than just casual sex, even when she’s the person having the casual sex. Grass is always greener, I suppose.


This is a blatant assassination of character. Not only is she is basically calling him a rapist here, she’s doing it publicly right where he works and lives. She posted this very sign in his neighbor hood and outside his office.

According to Stuff:

A barista at the cafe said the shamed lover regularly came in for his morning coffee.

She said one of the leaflets had been slipped under the cafe’s front door on Wednesday morning when she came to open shop.

“He just walks in, says hello and orders his coffee.”

He had not been into the cafe since the posters appeared on Wednesday morning.

I don’t know what kind of hocus-pocus or sorcery he used to trick her into riding his cock, but I’m 83% certain she shouldn’t be equating it to rape. Is he a scumbag? Maybe. Is he a rapist? Unlikely, at least based on what she just described. Is this chick just pissed because the guy realized she wasn’t THE ONE? Oh, yeah.

Per Stuff, here is what he actually said regarding the entire situation:

In response, the man apologised and said he honestly wanted a relationship.

“Eventually though, we just didn’t click enough. I really am sorry about that.”

And in two sentences, this guy just proved that he is every guy. It’s not that none of us want relationships, but we want the right relationship. And she wasn’t it for him. There is no crime in that. Now, did he let her down easy? Oh hell no. I don’t know what he said, but based on the flyer you would swear he called her a godless whore who fucked like a dead fish in bed. Clearly he needs to work on his exit strategy. You know, so the next time he shatters someone’s heart, they don’t have the desire to call him a rapist.

[H/T Stuff]

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