Woman Turns The Tables On A Telemarketer By Recording Him And He Goes WAY Off The Rails



I loathe when I get a telemarketing call. These days you almost always know when the call is coming from a telemarketer, but you have to answer it anyway. And yup, just like you thought – a telemarketer is on the line.

Well, this woman decided that she’d have a little fun with a telemarketer, but I bet she didn’t expect what she ended up getting.

You see, telemarketer Mark decided that once she told him that she was going to record him he was going to put away the script and really get into it with her. He even offers her $100 to prove that he’s being recorded.

“I’m calling your bluff,” he dares her, then continues with, “100 bucks… like a tip at a strip club, ma’am.”

Interesting analogy, but we feel where Mark is now coming from. I think.

“You think you’ve got some kind of mind control thing going on, when you don’t,” he mentions weirdly. Then continues, “I am in charge, I am always in charge, and I will always be in charge.”

No, perhaps we don’t know where he’s coming from after all.

After much more incoherent rambling, telemarketer Mark at one point says, “What would you do? Who would ever want to listen to a recording of me? What are you gonna do, put it on YouTube?”


H/T The Daily Dot