Woman Has A Complete Meltdown And Strips Naked At An LA Fitness (Of Course There Is Video)

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Now check me on this. I could be wrong, but screaming and taking off all of your clothes, getting completely naked in the middle of an LA Fitness while claiming you have a gun in the locker room is not considered acceptable behavior, right?

Because if so, someone might want to alert the lady in the video below to that fact.

Oh, and not only did she do all of those things I previously mentioned she also claimed she was shot in the head two days ago. So there’s that to take into consideration.

This all supposedly took place around eight in the morning at the LA Fitness in Southfield, Michigan. Other than that here’s the only other details we have, courtesy of someone who uploaded the video to Instagram…



Now, with all the backstory out of the way, here’s a pretty much safe-for-work version of the video. That’s assuming that you can ever call watching a woman lose her marbles, go on a wild rant and strip naked in a gym safe-for-work.

For the NSFW version you will have to click here (and I am sure that you will).

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