Watching This Woman With A 50-Inch Surgically Made Butt Twerk Is Like Watching A Set Of Boulders Ride A Pogo Stick

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31-year-old Patricia is the only female worker at a Detroit steel mill who hopes that her 50-inch surgically made butt will help her break free from the factory floor and turn her into a full-time model. Standing at 5’8″, she’s spent thousands of dollars on Brazilian butt lifts in order to take her butt from “flat” to “Wow there is no way in hell that’s even remotely real,” and it’s starting to look like all the money she’s blown on plastic surgery is beginning to pay off.

After photos of her butt appeared in club posters online, Patricia’s Instagram followers ballooned to over 166,000 overnight. According to Metro, her blossoming career didn’t stop there:

Patricia’s since had requests to appear in modelling shoots from as far afield as Hong Kong and South Africa.

While, for now, she’s keeping her feet on the ground – she still works four-day shifts of 16 hours at the steel mill – she still has a slow glowing dream.

‘I don’t want to be 40 and 45 and look up and say like why did I spend all my life at the factory and I haven’t done anything. I haven’t travelled, I haven’t experienced the world, I haven’t met different people,’ she says.

‘That’s the kind of life I’m hoping to live now.’

To put Patricia’s butt into perspective, her measurements are 38-28-50. Ice-T’s wife Coco’s butt is 40 inches. This woman’s got 10 inches on Coco. I can’t tell if that’s something to brag about or a good reason to be committed.

[H/T Metro]

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