A Bunch Of Women Revealed Their Secret And Sometimes Oddly Specific Things Men Do That Turn Them On

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Women are impossible to figure out so when they share secrets like what sort of things turn them on it’s time to start taking some notes, bros.

Thankfully, we men have things like Reddit’s “Ask Women” section to help us out. When posed with the question, “What’s an overly specific turn-on of yours?” these ladies did not disappoint. At all.

Here are some of their best and/or most unusual confessions…

When he’s driving & I’m in passenger seat, I get weirdly turned on when he puts his hand on my seat and looks back over his shoulder while reversing the car.

Don’t quite understand what that one’s about.. ~ Wicket_Warrick

For me it’s when he parallel parks his truck into a tight space….OMG panties dropping tonight. No clue why. ~ Nurse2014

When a person who normally isn’t very smooth or flirtatious winks at you. Especially if it’s done after they’ve said something or made a joke to someone else. ~ shoup88

Seeing a man’s forearms flex a bit so the muscles in them are defined and visible.

Even better if those arms are wrapped around me from behind and I’m looking down at his forearms. ~ yesmissy

When you compare hands with someone and they just have big hands. Did it last night on a date and he was like wow you’re so small, and proceeded to see if he could fit his fingers around my wrist. Swoon. ~ remuslupinsbutt

I like watching him tie a tie. Cause he knows how. And it’s my favorite thing. ~ aShTh3sTaMp3d3

My husband wears sweats and basketball shorts as his around the house clothes all the time.

It’s near impossible to not just stare at the outline of his penis. It’s been like this for 11 years.

Then…he goes and reaches for something, and his shirt rides up a bit exposing his hip V…..insta-sploosh. ~ ThingsCouldGetKinky

Watching a man shave. Something about how masculine it looks. ~ rstan25

When he takes his sweater off and his shirt gets stuck to the sweater, so both pull up for a few seconds. Omf it’s no wonder we have a baby crawling around. ~ harleyqueenzel

When a guy has really sharp canines and he runs his tongue over them. ~ jesuisunchien

I’m very obsessed with men’s hands. My boyfriend has the most perfect hands I’ve ever seen. They’re huge and he has long, slender fingers. I could get turned on if I just stare at them. ~ laneloveslipstick

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