10 Women Revealed The Hottest Things Guys Have Accidentally Done That Ended Up Turning Them On

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Women, am I right? Who the heck knows what goes in those minds of theirs? I sure as hell don’t know. So anytime I come across anything where they themselves actually reveal something I am duty-bound to share with you guys.

So get ready to take notes, bros, because here are some things women said men did without even knowing it that accidentally ended up turning them on.


Once I was with a male friend, who I’ve NEVER had a sexual thought about before, at my house. He notices the grand piano in my living room, face lights up, he starts playing it. There was something about the way he played that turned me on so much. He’s very unemotional – turns all his problems to jokes, in complete denial that anything’s wrong. The playing was so passionate and vulnerable – delicate, in a way, which was something I’d never seen from him before. It was so gorgeous. ~ byersinblue

When dudes take off a sweater and their shirt rides up a little with it. ~ potatoface489

One day, he invited himself over to my house after school. We had an upright piano in our living room at the time, and as soon as he walked in, he made a beeline for it.

I stood beside him and watched him play for about 20 minutes. I was mostly looking at his hands but was somehow also keenly aware of his stubbly jawline at the same time. I was completely enraptured.

I was wearing jeans and a v-neck t-shirt. Being quite busty, it was a slightly immodest look, but it was one that everyone who knew me had seen many times.

After about 20 minutes of this fuckin musical Adonis serenading me, my mother walked out of her bedroom. I was standing with my hand on the bannister, completely light-headed with arousal.

My mother’s eyes dropped straight to my bare chest, which was flushed and heaving. She promptly burst into laughter, suggested that he play more quietly and went back into her room. ~ MaidMilk

My boss’s friend was joking around and seductively said “Yes Mistress” to me as a joke. I nearly dropped an entire case of brand new beakers because of how weak my knees went.

My boss convinced his friend to let him record the friend saying “Yes Mistress” on his phone. He told them it was to bug his boss as a ring tone (if this passes 500 I’ll explain what this caused). But he’d randomly play this when I was at work. He did it just often enough that it caught me off guard every time. When I turn red I stay red for a while, which is how my employee photo is me blushing like a tomato. ~ KaiChymist

There was a guy I knew liked me, but had no experience with women and was as much terrified of me as he was interested. I hugged him, and he was so ungodly, obviously nervous. His hands were shaking and I could practically feel his panicked heartbeat.

And the vagina says, yes, this is good to me. ~ mus_maximus

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