You Can’t Find Enough Words to Describe Our Bro of the Week

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5. Alex Honnold

Anyone who scales a mountain without using a rope or other safety device is both and idiot and a bad ass. Clearly he has no interest in his future. And I respect that.

4. 12-Year-Old Kid Who Stopped Robbery

So he didn't drop the hammer on this guy or disarm him but he is only 12-years-old and he DID put himself in harms way to stop him. Some f*cking set on this kid. It must suck that when it's hot out his scrotum sticks to his ankles. 

3. Aaron Rodgers
400 passing yards and 6 total touchdowns IN ONE GAME! And the best he got for that was a backhanded compliment from Brett Favre. Brett was a hell of a QB, but he overstayed his welcome (which lead to broken records) and only won one Superbowl. I wouldn't have a problem with any of that, and I suppose I still don't because it's his career, but you can bank on Favre being bitter as shit when Rodgers brings home number two. 

2. Ross Capicchioni

This is an absolutely ridiculous story and must watch video. Very short version: Ross gave a person who he thought was a friend a ride home and upon arrival the so-called friend wound up pulling a shot gun on him and shooting him multiple times. I don't know how the f*ck he lived to tell about it, but it's miraculous.

1. Steve Jobs
Innovator. Genius. Visionary. Lothario. Those are just a few of the words that were used in the wake of his passing to describe Steve Jobs' persona and impact on the world. O.K., so maybe no one called him a lothario, but who are we to say a young Stevie J. wasn't? Anyway, it would be difficult to imagine a world without the things that Steve Jobs brought us. His ascension wasn't fast. Apple roared out of the gates in the early years with Oregon Trial on the Macintosh, but sometime in the late 90s there was a success hiatus as Dell was flourishing. Then 2000 came and Jobs took Apple to the next level. Once the iPod hit, Apple turned into a f*cking steamroller and it hasn't stopped since. Sure their products break and freeze with relative frequency. And of course the Genius Bar is full of hipster dickwarts looking to ruin your day (as is the norm with dickwarts), but Apple makes the cutting edge products. And Steve Jobs is largely responsible for that. He always seemed to get there first and do it best. I don't know if that makes him the Thomas Edison of our time or just a guy who perfected the wheel, but it certainly will make him missed. RIP.

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