The World’s First ‘Vagina Beer’ Just Hit The Market, So Nerds Can Finally Get Their First Taste Of P***y

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Order of Yoni

Mark your calendars, bros, today is the day that the beer industry has officially jumped the shark. All the fun novelty of obscure beers that incorporate rare flavors is over the instant that ‘The Order of Yoni’ is released. The Order of Yoni will the world’s first ‘Vagina Beer’, a sour beer using vaginal lactic acid in the brewing process to create a vagina-infused beer.

Seriously, they’re brewing a goddamn VAGINA BEER. This is something I’d expect to see in a sketch of Portlandia, only this is real life, and a brewery from Warsaw, Poland even has an IndieGoGo campaign to go along with this beer that will hook backers up with vaginal lactic acid-flavored beer as well as custom vagina beer bottles, bottle openers, and posters.


Order of Yoni


Order of Yoni

You can’t make this shit up.

Here is the preview video for ‘Bottled Instinct: Vaginal Beer’:

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