Map Reveals World’s Heaviest Drinking Countries, U.S. Doesn’t Crack Top 10

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Not one-hundred percent certain if I should feel outraged or elated that the U.S. isn’t in the top ten heaviest drinking countries. Obviously we strive to be the fucking best of the best in everything, but this…kind of a gray area?

According to a report released by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the map above represents average drinking per person, in liters, of pure alcohol a year. As you can see, Europe is fuckin’ killin’ it; just a mass of black and red up there, which means Europeans are downing 10-plus liters of booze per year.

The world-wide winner — or loser, depending on how you look at it — is Belarus, whose people on average drink 17.5 liters of booze a year. In second place comes the Republic of Moldova with 16.8 liters. And somewhere in the middle of the pack — but well above the 6.2 liter per person global average — is the U.S. with 9.2 liters, which is a full liter less per person than our brothers to the north.

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