World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest Winner Gets Cash But Also A Prize Worth Much, Much More

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Last week, a bar in Brooklyn hosted the “world’s tiniest penis contest.” If men are willing to show of their tiny dicks in the name of cash prizes, women should be more than willing to debut their delightful vaginas to an interested crowd of anonymous Internet commenters.

At least that’s what the people at Autoblow are hoping as they launch the world’s first crowdsourced contest to crown the most beautiful vagina in the world.

Women may submit photos of their vaginas to the contest website and the public will vote on the vaginas they consider to be the most attractive. The women attached to the vaginas earning the top 3 places will win respectively $5,000, $2,500, and $1,250 in addition to trips to Los Angeles to undergo vaginal 3d scanning. The 3d scans will be used to replicate the winners vaginas onto a new series of Autoblow sleeves at micron level accuracy.

That’s right. Not only will the “lucky” ladies be subjected to an internet poll about the gorgeousness of their meat wallet, they could win cash prizes and have a replica of their axe wound banged by strange men for the rest of eternity (or until next year’s models hit the showroom floor).

To enter or just vote, check out The Autoblow people are totally cool with the winners choosing to remain anonymous though it would make for an awesome Facebook status update.

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