Man Walks Into Bank Trying to Commit ID Fraud in the Worst Disguise of All Time

by 6 years ago


According to court documents, Joshua K. Pinney, 30, walked into the Bank of America branch in Des Moines, Wash. on June 26 dressed in the outfit pictured here. The bank’s branch manager immediately determined the costume was fake and called police.

Prosecutors say Pinney presented the identification of an Oregon man to the bank manager and asked for a new debit card. The actual man on the ID was a client at the bank whose car had recently been stolen and his identification was missing. The victim had flagged his account to prevent anyone from using it.

Pinney admitted to police that his bandages were not real and that he had not been in an accident. He said the entire scheme was his girlfriend’s idea and that she had been waiting outside for him when he entered the bank. Pinney claimed he met his girlfriend while on work release from prison last year and told police she was a “computer whiz” and could open bank accounts online.

There are so many flaws in this costume, I don't even need to list them. Anyone looking at it knows you've got to be legally blind or living on a fucking prayer to see yourself in the mirror and think this disguise is fooling anyone. After reading why he did it, we can chalk this up to him being just another pussy whipped pussy, doing exactly what his girlfriend tells him to do. It's sad, really. 

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