Story About A Military Bro Losing His Virginity In A German Brothel Is 100% NOPE (And More ‘Worst Sex Ever’ Stories)

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We used to have to make our own mistakes in the bedroom and learn from those, or learn from the mistakes of our friends in the bedroom who then relayed their stories of embarrassing sexcapades. Thanks to the beauty of the Internet we have access to the entire world’s collection of sexual misfortune, and the ‘worst sex stories’ below are some life lessons we can all learn from. Specifically: never put your feet into leather stirrups at a German brothel.

The German brothel story is actually the last one below, since it’s longer than the rest, but I REALLY need you bros to read that one because it’s fucked up on a whole new level….Again, these are people’s WORST SEX STORIES ever, so you’re about to ready some pretty f’d up stuff (possibly NSFW). So be prepared to be shocked.


She very drunkenly decided she wanted to try anal.
I wasn’t going to turn down the offer.
Went at it for a few minutes and pulled it out of her arse, she sharted on me leaving my thighs, dick and stomach looking like the mud flaps on a dirt bike.
I threw up on her back and she called a taxi.
3/10 would not recommend.

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