Would You Eat a KFC ‘Skinwich’ If It Was Real?

by 8 years ago

Earlier this week the blog Brain Residue whipped up a fantastic viral hoax about a KFC sandwich in beta mode known as “The Skinwich.” After our runaway fascination with the bread-less Double Down, we weren't surprised to hear that Colonel Sanders was furthering his mission of inflecting coronary artery disease and diabetes into each and every KFC customer with an oily new concoction. The fictitious “Skinwich” comprises of five greasy, seasoned layers of fried chicken skin on a bun topped with American cheese and bacon. Although it's a hoax, we've spent enough time in rural American to imagine some people actually trying this heart attack in a box. Back in March we learned that Bros have ordered all kinds of strange yet presumably delicious fast food combinations. Would you try a deep fried, chicken-less Skinwhich, if it was real? Sound Off in the comments.

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