Woman Strips To Her Panties And Tases Her Vagina – How Many Readers Will Pleasure Themselves To This WTF Vid?

by 2 years ago

No woman should taser their vagina. Period. But, since this woman put in the time and agony to voluntarily tased her meat wallet we should really watch it and not let her pain and suffering go for naught. I don’t know the backstory to this video, but I don’t actually believe that knowing the reasons that she electrocuted her genitalia is absolutely essential to appreciating this footage. Not sure as to why a woman would purposely turn their cock socket into an electrical outlet, but this chick was a real trooper and zapped her snatch.

This seemingly fun-loving gal strips to her skivvies and then tases her chonch (1:10 mark for you impatient sadists). She immediately falls to the ground in pain after electrocuting her hair pie.

That had to have done some damage. I’d imagine that her vagina is now out of cervix.

Show of hands, how many of you jacked it to this WTF video? Don’t be shy, this is a judgement free zone.

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