Chick Arrested For Whipping Her Titties Out In Public Gives Cops The Most Reasonable Excuse Ever

by 3 years ago

A Florida Woman (I know, ‘Florida’, how shocking) has been arrested for ‘indecent exposure of sexual organs’ but when the police first rolled up on her in the park she gave them the most reasonable answer ever, so I don’t really see how the charges can hold up.

Police were called in after witnesses/passersby reported seeing the woman pulling up her shirt and slapping her breasts. Upon first contact with the police she took the opportunity to tell them she was hammered, but then she gave them an excuse that’ll surely get the charges against her dropped.

Austin L. Miller of the Ocala Star Banner reports:

Officer Joseph Kelly was called to Champion BBQ at 2327 S. Pine Ave., Ocala, where, witnesses reported, a woman was showing her breasts while walking. As he was driving to the restaurant, Kelly saw a woman lift up her shirt and slap her breasts numerous times while facing southbound traffic near McDonald’s at 2015 S. Pine Ave.

Kelly stopped and talked with the woman, Denise R. Belflower, 34, of Sorrento, who said she had a bee or bug bite under her breast and was scratching it. She also told him she was intoxicated. She was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail.

Come on! How you gonna take someone to jail for popping out a titty to scratch a bee bite?!?! When’s the last time those cops got stung by bees, never? Do they not know how much it sucks getting stung? And even if it was a spider bite or bad mosquito bite she shouldn’t have been taken to jail (p.s., I’m not calling her breasts ‘mosquito bites’, I’ve never seen her breasts so I can’t speak to their size or shape).

As for what the scenario actually looked like since we do not have any footage I figured I’d use this Kate Upton Bouncing GIF to simulate what went down before the woman was attacked by bees:


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