Hundreds Of Chicks Held A Yoga Pants Parade This Weekend After A Local Curmudgeon Said Yoga Pants Are Bad

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It all started when a man from Rhode Island, Alan Sorrentino, sent a letter to the editor of EastBayRI complaining about yoga pants. Mr. Sorrentino believes that no woman over the age of 20 should wear yoga pants in public because they ‘do nothing to compliment’ them, which is a truly fucking asinine sentiment given that yoga pants are one of the greatest inventions of the past century. His main argument was older women shouldn’t be wearing yoga pants, and you can read that letter to the editor in full here, but that’s not what you clicked this article for, is it?

The letter from Alan Sorrentino triggered a reaction from local residents that led to 300 women creating the ‘Yoga Pants Parade’ which coincidentally had all 300 women wearing yoga pants walking past Alan Sorrentino’s house in protest:

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