Yoshi Officially Had It And Went Ahead, And Made Mario His Bitch In This Triumphant Video

Dorkly dropped this beautiful gem of a role reversal video, which entertains the idea of Mario and Yoshi switching places. Yes, yes, the tables have turned and I’m not so sure Mario’s down. The red-capped mustachio, psychedelic-mushroom addled, Italian plumber switches places with Yoshi, and ends up getting rode by the green dalmatian-spotted dinosaur. Naked. Obviously, this is like pretty weird, but also undeniably hilarious.

It was only a matter of time before Mario’s iron-willed, ever enthusiastic steed challenged him to get off his high horse. Mario is put through the rounds in this video. He suffers some seriously impressively fucked up nonsense. From munching on some cactus ’cause why not, to carrying around a sassyass Yoshi while he’s naked, it’s fair to say Mr. Player Numero Uno has paid down his dues in full.