YouPorn Released All Gaming Console Traffic Stats And Sony Gamers DOMINATE Every Category Of Porn

by 3 years ago

In honor of yesterday’s 20th anniversary of the Sony PlayStation the adult video website YouPorn decided to release all of their gaming console-related traffic stats in the form of infographics, and you may or may not be surprised to discover that Sony PlayStation users are completely dominating every single category of porn browsing.

Sony PlayStation gamers lead the way in time spent on the site (9min39sec to Xbox’s 9min01sec…does this mean PlayStation gamers last longer in bed?!?), highest share of gaming console traffic (51% to Xbox’s 39%), highest % of men on YouPorn from a gaming console (92% to Xbox’s 91% and Wii’s 89%). Really the only porn traffic vertical that Sony PlayStation gamers aren’t dominating is the % of women on YouPorn, that crown goes to the Nintendo Wii with 11% of YouPorn traffic coming from women.

I’m actually blown away at how many infographics YouPorn put together for the 20th Anniversary of the Sony Playstation. To check them all out you can CLICK HERE to their ‘safe for work’ post containing all the data, but don’t do that until you’ve scrolled through the several infographics I’ve included from the below: