Here’s What Happens When Porn Doesn’t ‘Work’ Anymore And Bros Have Resort To YouTube To Get Off

by 4 years ago
Dan Soder


Porn gets old. It does. I’m over it. Once in a while a random video might get me hard, but for the most part, I’ve seen enough plastic coated labia to last a lifetime.

There’s a reason why I’m dull to the warming glow of butt sex on my laptop — I’m spoiled. I grew up in the age of internet porn. Any sick thing I’ve ever wanted to see, or find instructions on how to perform, has been right at my finger tips.

Comedian Dan Soder understands this issue. He’s got the same problem. Now he’s got a different problem. Strike that, an ADDITIONAL problem. Not only does porn not get him off anymore but weird YouTube clips get him hard as hell. He’s even “face cum” a couple times.

Here’s his story:

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