This Hot Model Threw Such A Huge Tantrum On A Flight That F-16 Jets Were Called To Escort The Plane For Landing

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“HOT DAMN that is one fiery broad”…is probably what my grandfather would say if he were reading the news about Zaneta Hucikova, a 34-year-old Czech model with a penchant for all things Donald Trump.

Last Friday, Hucikova reached “fiery broad” status by flipping the fuck out over how her cat (the animal, not the crotch part) was being treated by flight attendants. She went so nuts that her flight from Las Vegas to Frankfurt had to make an emergency landing in Denver…while being escorted by two F-16 fighter jets, because clearly F-16s have nothing better to do.

Right now you’re thinking, “Shit. Zaneta Hucikova must have done or said something really fucked up to cause not only an emergency landing, but one that required an F-16 escort.” And that she did…

Per the Daily Mail:

During the alleged altercation, Hucikova, who boarded the Boeing 767 wit the cat in her purse, got upset when her pet was put in a lavatory by the cabin crew and punched or slapped an attendant.

Flight passenger Fritz Peterson said: ‘I heard she got a cat with her on the plane and the plane crew didn’t know she was going to take a cat with her on the plane.

‘That lady wasn’t happy with the crew putting their cat in the lavatory and then everything went wrong.

‘She started screaming and shouting in the back.’

Passenger Dashenka Giraldo told ABC News: ‘She said that she was part of the mafia and that the mafia follows her around the world and that she was able to bring the plane down if that needed to be the case if she couldn’t see her cat.’

Oh yeah, that’ll do it.

Here is the cat that caused the stir.

Oh yeah, that thing looks like the face evil. Fuckin’ cats, man. The worst.

Hello! Top HOT 100 finalist Czech Republic Wet Republic i keep saying it 🙂

Posted by Zaneta Hucikova on Thursday, May 7, 2015

[H/T Daily Mail]

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