Zurich, Switzerland: Home of the World’s First Sex Drive-Thru

by 10 years ago

Beside Wendy's and White Castle, the modern world is home to all sorts of bizarre drive-thru services: Vegas's famous drive-thru weddings, drive-thru cold beer kegs on the go, and even Congruity, Pennsylvania's “Climax Gentleman's Club,” which offers a novelty drive-thru strip club. Now the city of Zurich, Switzerland, is home to a literal “Quickie Mart,” a collection of convenient, publicly accessible “car sex” stalls that are being touted as the world's first sex drive-thru.

The johns of Zurich can now park their cars in the green privacy stalls (pictured above) before taking one of Switzerland's legalized, tax-paying prostitutes for a test ride. Talk about customer service! The move is a win-win for the country's sex workers, who will now be able to go backseat cowgirl on the city's unbridled car-ma sutra market. According to Metro UK, frustrated residents who live near Zurich's thriving Red Light district brainstormed the designated drive-thru sex stalls as a solution to seeing women of the night go about their love-you-long-time business in broad daylight. The city's police spokesman Reto Casanova (yes, that's really his name), told the paper, “We can't get rid of prostitution, so have to learn how to control it.”