Bet $10 On Kansas State vs. Iowa State & Get $200 Back When A TD Is Scored


Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Big Casinos are trying to swallow each other whole, and until that happens, we all get a little bit of money in our pockets.

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  3. Finally, place a $10 moneyline bet on Kansas State vs. Iowa State and get $200 when a TD is scored.

If you were waiting for a reason to open an account and take the most free-money offer you can, this is it. Kansas State is going to beat Iowa State on Saturday. The moneyline is still low — largely because this game is at Iowa State — and that gives you great value here.

If you rode with me on Kansas State last week and with Kansas to down Iowa State, do not get cold feet on this one.

The line in this game is screaming three things: Iowa State is getting too much credit for losing; Iowa State is getting too much credit for recent history, and linesmakers believe Kansas State is going to fall into a trap game. All of those are good for you.

Kansas State is not going to fall asleep in this game. It is a night game, in the conference, on the road. It is also the last week before a bye. What opponent are they looking forward to or preparing for? None.

If this game was a sleepy 11am kickoff and Kansas State was hosting a massive game next week, I could buy it. None of that is true; so the emotions are out. This comes down to the better team and that is without a doubt Kansas State.

Here is where the other two factors come into play, and you can really double down on this offer. Iowa State is getting credit for losing close games to Iowa and Kansas. It is also being viewed as Cyclones of the last few years and they are not. That is all well and good but it isn’t reality.

Iowa State is not very good on offense right now.

The Cyclones are missing explosiveness and lacking creativity in its run game.
The offensive line isn’t that good and defenses do not need to blitz to get pressure.
Its quarterback is young to the system and making bad decisions, even without pressure.

That sequence makes the results more relevant than the excuses the books are creating.

Iowa State was only blitzed six times in 54 pass attempts on Saturday in the loss to Kansas. Its quarterback was still sacked five times. On the 40 drop backs that he saw zero pressure, Dekker was graded at 48.3 Football Focus.

Kansas was able to use basic coverages to take away any deep passes (Iowa State was 5-of-14 on passes over 10 yards) and also took away the outside edges (Iowa State was 0-10, with an interception on passes beyond the box).

Iowa State also lost Jirehl Brock in its backfield, which only adds to all of those other issues. Deon Silas did well in some aspects of the game but he is not as good of a runner, nor as fast. He is also a poor pass blocker.

A bad offense got worse. No amount of imaged ‘look ahead’ can mask that Iowa State is heavily overvalued. So take Kansas State and get your free $200 from BetMGM! ¬†