Bet $5 On The Eagles vs Jags & Get $200 If You Pick The Winner

Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Big Casinos are trying to swallow each other whole, and until that happens, we all get a little bit of money in our pockets.

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Thankfully this is a moneyline bonus opportunity that we are dealing with because the line would have been too much to justify. For either side.

Let’s get the obvious out there for discussion: No one had Philly and Jacksonville at a combined 5-1 entering this game. If you did, wow. Email us to be a writer.

Philly, at 3-0, is only a mild surprise. The Eagles were expected to — and did — beat the Lions (38-35) and Commanders (24-8). It took advantage of “Bad” Kirk Cousins to cruise against Minnesota (24-7). Jalen Hurts is looking like an early-season MVP candidate in the offense. There is balance with running and passing. The defense has played well, but not great.

Jacksonville has been the shock. It also has been mercurial.

It opened the season with a lackluster loss to Washington (28-22), in what would be a transitive property game. Since then it blanked the Colts (24-0) and dominated the Chargers on the road (38-10). Most of the pundits would have confidently placed the team at 1-2 — with opposite results in each contest — entering the season.

So, what will give?
Logic and data guides us here.

Philly probably is close to its mean. Jacksonville is either extremely underrated and playing above its head — or it is actually this good.

The bet here is that Philly is more mathematically normalized in its results than is Jacksonville.

Philly is at home. On paper it is the better team. Its defense is statistically better than even the improved Jags squad. Its offense is also deeper — if not also with a higher ceiling. Emotionally it is going to be tough for Jacksonville to go from an afternoon West Coast game to a mid-day Philly environment. Trevor Lawrence is improving but Jalen Hurts is ahead of him right now. Hurts also has the better supporting cast.

Don’t over thinking this. Go ahead and bet this like you would have before Jacksonville started 2-1. Philly is the play. Take the moneyline and get your free $200 from DraftKings!