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As the clock winds down on the NBA, we basketball fans have been treated to some amazing games. The Suns and the Nuggets are a battle of the top-two teams in the west. Kevin Durant is back and he’s ready to do battle with the Joker. I would say either of these teams can win, but the Suns haven’t lost with Kevin Durant in the lineup yet, so give me the Suns in this one. Nikola Jokic is like the perfect girlfriend of the NBA. He’s almost always showing up, he’s consistent as heck, and you can always rely on him to be great. And just like a perfect girlfriend, who cares for you, the NBA has gotten bored of his greatness and seems to be dumping him. Somehow, a 7-foot center who is averaging, let me check my notes here, 24.9 points per game, 11.9 rebounds per game, and 9.9 assists per game is not the favorite for MVP. Jokic has gotten better over the last three seasons, making this one his best yet and he’s probably not going to win the MVP vote. That is a travesty. I will say though, the Nuggets don’t really scare me. They always do alright during the regular season, but when they have to play bigger teams they seem to fall just a little bit short. 


The Suns, however, have not lost a game when Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant play together. Heck, they haven’t lost a game that Kevin Durant has played in period. And for a good reason, Kevin Durant has decided to turn the heat up to eleven since being acquired by the Phoenix Suns. He’s been shooting 49% from three, 60% from the field, and scoring around 30 points per game. Good luck stopping this Human Torch of a Power Forward. And if it’s Kevin Durant that you choose to blitz and attempt to cut off, then you have to deal with Devin Booker. Devin, by the way, has been averaging 28 points per game all season long and the game has somehow looked even easier for him since they brought in the Slim Reaper. Not to mention they have Ayton banging on the glass down low averaging a double-double and you have a recipe for Western conference representation. 


The Pheonix Suns are quite literally unbeatable with Kevin Durant, so good luck to the Nuggets. Bet on the Suns, and get up to $1,111 in bonus bets!


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