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Fans of both Notre Dame and USC will be judging the success or failure of the season in the next two games. The judgment will begin this weekend when the two bitter rivals take the field in California. 

Notre Dame absolutely dominated its (pretend) rival this weekend, blanking Boston College 44-0. USC advanced to this step in the season with a shootout win against its little brother, UCLA, 48-45. 

It sets up this showdown. 

Notre Dame has climbed its way back into the polls with a run of wins over UNLV, Syracuse, Clemson, Navy, and that BC domination. The Irish also has wins over North Carolina and BYU for legitimacy. On the flip side, it has suffered losses to Ohio State, Marshall, and Stanford. It closed out a tougher-than-it-should-have-been game against Cal with a victory at home. Notre Dame scored the last 10 points in the 4th quarter to win, 24-17. 

USC shares two crossover games with Notre Dame. It beat Stanford by two touchdowns on the road. It also bettered Cal by a similar margin — though contextually a much different game as Cal entered the game trailing by 20 in the fourth quarter. It does have a 43-42 blemish on the road against Utah, being overlooked by almost everyone. 

Here are some tipping points.

At this point in the season, these teams are pretty much what they are. Notre Dame is playing much better right now than at any time this year. It is certainly a much different team than it was when it started the year a rudder-less 0-2. The players also answered the bell after the team sunk back to 3-3. Suffice it to say, the Irish have found its identity — and a steady but not spectacular hand from its backup quarterback. 

USC is the same identity it almost always is. All gas, no brakes. The offensive-first philosophy got turned up to 11 when Lincoln Riley came to town as well. The Trojans are the No. 2 in scoring efficiency but No. 104 in defensive efficiency. It is an astounding split. 

Notre Dame has struggled in California against so-so USC teams, but it has held tight to Jeweled Shillelagh for the last several years. 

How will it all play out?

If Notre Dame becomes a four-loss team, its bowl options will take a tremendous tumble, and this season will be looked back on with pretty mixed emotions. If it betters USC, there is still a chance for a Top 10 finish — when combined with a solid bowl performance. It would turn this season into an unquestioned success. That is a dramatic shift in a now two-game season. 

USC has a little more leeway, though not much. A loss in this game ends the hopes of making the College Football Playoff. That is a lot of weight. USC will still be advancing to the P12 title game, where it will still have a chance to lock in a Rose Bowl appearance. Of course, if it loses to Oregon in the finals on the second of this two-game season, it will be a disappointment.  If the team goes from the doorstep of the playoff to the Alamo Bowl, that is an emotional pitfall, no matter how many times Coach Riley reminds fans of what it was like a year ago. 

Notre Dame has been streaky on offense and solid on defense. USC has been insane on offense but abysmal on defense. Big games have to come to make a stop at some point. USC has not stopped many people. 

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