FanDuel: Bet $5 On the Bills vs Lions & Get $125 Back Instantly

Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Big Casinos are trying to swallow each other whole. Until that happens, we all get a little bit of money in our pockets.

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I was raised in a house where I heard, “you don’t bet against the Lions on Thanksgiving,” literally every year. I feel you should know where this going. The Lions are 37-43-2 on Thanksgiving and have lost five straight.

So now, I get it; why would you bet on Detroit against Buffalo? First, with this FanDuel offer, it does not matter to you who actually wins. Detroit is opening at a major underdog — as it should. Buffalo is the heavy fave. It all checks out. 

FanDuel is giving you your Christmas gift early, and they don’t care what team wins. They are sticking money in your account for signing up. So, knowing that we are automatically getting $150, I will tell you why we are betting on this upset. 

First, there is going to be an upset on Thanksgiving. There always is. 

Dallas is going to beat New York. The Cowboys have won 10 of the last 11 against New York. New York is deceptively 7-3. It has the most comeback wins this season and looks like a team regressing to its mean.

Minnesota is also going to beat New England. New England can’t play offense. Minnesota is loaded and needs to keep pace in the NFC. The Vikings were also just spanked by the Cowboys. A short week, plus travel, plus a motivated Minnesota … does not equal a Patriot upset. The Vikings got that game.

Detroit is 4-6 but could just as easily be 6-4 with two losses in the last minute. Buffalo had a short week last week because it had its game against Cleveland moved to Detroit. That means its players will have been in Detroit for almost a full week for this game. With a morning start and ‘getaway game’ mentality before having a long break… letdown is human nature. 

Working in your favor is the losing record actually keeps this money line higher. If Detroit were the 6-4 that it should be (okay, moral victories don’t count), and at home, the number would be lower. You are already getting your free $125 from FanDuel, so take the long odds, and if it clicks, you will be thrilled. You can tell your friends you knew it all along. 

The logical side is that the Bills are better and should win. You can make that bet and pay the number. That is the conventional wisdom on picking who will win. So take the Bills moneyline & get your free $125 from FanDuel. It is a beautiful offer. 

As for me: Never betting against the Lions on Thanksgiving.