The 10 Biggest Douchebags At Every Gym



Gyms are rife with assholes. Sure, there are upstanding fitness citizens such as yourself, but chances are you are also surrounded by people who don’t quite understand how to properly conduct themselves in public. In turn, you are forced to hate them for this, because their shittiness affects your gym sesh. Their unofficial gym rules infractions may vary — from not putting their weights away correctly, to using your mirror space — but one thing is for sure: these people are the Earth’s scum. Today, Dom Mazzetti rattles off the 10 people he hates the most at the gym. His list is spot on, but I wish he mentioned the guy who isn’t jacked or ripped or in that great of shape at all, but thinks random strangers want his unsolicited advice on their form, because that guy is his own special breed of shitbag and most gyms have one.

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