Luckiest Fan Alive Hits 10-Team Parlay And Makes A Fortune Off $155 Bet

by 11 months ago

The luckiest sports bettor alive just made a killing on Bovada after hitting a 10-team parlay. The bet included both baseball and basketball teams and not just the NBA. The lucky bettor threw in a WNBA team, Serie A team, and a Super Liga team.

They took the Golden State Warriors first quarter point spread which seems like a lock for the entire NBA Finals. The bettor also took the run line on the Mets and Dodgers games, as well as the money line on the Rockies, Yankees, and Twins games. Once the dust had settled, the bettor turned a $155 10-team parlay into more money than the average U.S. worker makes in TWO years:

Bovada sent out an image of the payout just a bit ago on their Twitter handle.

As someone who has lost quite a few parlays in recent weeks, parlays that seem to hit 5 out of 6 legs, or 6 out of 7 legs, I can’t even begin to imagine the how this person’s nerves were holding up after the first 9 legs of the bet hit. Sure, they only had $155 invested in the bet but it feels like you’re about to lose $96,000…Because, well, that’s the exact amount that they’d have missed out on if any of the legs didn’t hit.

Somewhat related, if you enjoy placing a good sports bet from time to time but aren’t following @covers on Twitter it’s definitely an account you should check out. They popped up in my feed a few weeks ago and I’ve been loving it ever since.

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