Bro Shares Exactly How He Made A 10-Week Transformation From 13% Body Fat Down To 6%

Yesterday, we received the above video from a guy named Mo Samuels. Since we post a lot of transformations — mostly people going from obese to thin — I decided to email him back asking about HOW he went from 13% body fat to 6% body fat in 10 weeks. Anyone who has ever pursued fat loss will tell you that a caloric deficit is necessary, but to drop to 6% body fat, it sometimes requires a more exact approach. And, also, some serious dedication.

In the ten weeks that Samuels spent cutting, he dropped from 200 lb to 180 lb. Here’s how he approached his diet.

Per Mo:

First I calculated my maintenance calories, then dropped them by 500 by reducing my carbohydrate intake.

Find your own maintenance calories here.

I then found the amount of calories where I was losing between 1 – 1.5 lb per week. I stuck with this for several week before I began to cycle carbs combined with intermittent fasting – I typically eat in an 8 hour window between 12pm and 8pm.

I’d have a high carb day when I would train a big muscle group such as back and chest – that day would be 500 calories below my calculated maintenance so I was at 3000 calories, 240g of protein, ~80g fat and about 325g of carbs. Then low carb day on the days where I wasn’t training or only doing cardio, a medium carb day when I trained shoulders and arms then a re-feed day when I trained legs where I brought my calories back up to my maintenance (3500) once a week.

All changes in calorie intake were controlled by varying carbohydrates, fats stayed constant throughout at ~80g and protein at 240g!

I don’t know if Samuels starting body fat was as high as 13%, but he definitely made huge strides in just ten weeks.

Nice work, Mo.