Meet Ethan Lavallee, the 12-Year-Old Peewee Hockey Player That Is 6’5” Tall and Weighs 192 Pounds

by 6 years ago

But in all seriousness, Lavallee realizes his size and ability to endanger human life, and according to The Star, he uses extreme caution when he checks an opposing player. 

“Sometimes I’ll hit, but whenever I hit I make sure I’m down low and never shoulder to head,” says Lavallee. And while the referees are watching Lavallee like a hawk, he’s watching out for the other players. “There are people gunning for me on the other teams,” he says.

It’s not just the players. Fans start shouting “head shot” and “goon, kick him out” at the drop of the puck and, if he ever falls, the other team’s fans “cheer like they just won the game,” says coach Giroux.

He’s been working with Lavallee on patience — he is only 12 after all — and ignoring taunts from players or the crowd. He’s learning that when he positions his body effectively, players just can’t get around him and he can scoop the puck and be off. “He doesn’t have to finish off the checks and see the kid fly 60 feet into the air,” Giroux says.

Coaches and parents on the regional teams who have long known Lavallee as the tall kid have come to appreciate how he plays, says his dad. He’s called the “gentle giant” and “parents are thankful for that.”

Gentle giant or soulless assassin, I like this kid. How could I not? He even said himself in the video below that he used to play defense but now he plays center because he likes to “score and be offensive.” Clearly he and I have a lot in common.