BroBible Hits Up Toyota Surfercross 2010

by 8 years ago

Motocross riders ride dirt bikes and surfers ride surfboards, right?

That's what we thought too until we hit up Toyota Surfercross 2010, the 12th annual event where some of the best pro motocross riders and pro surfers in the world team up to compete in a two-day Pro-Am in their respective disciplines. Video and more after the jump.

We started the events in the deserts of SoCal at the Starwest Motocross Park. Despite the scorching heat, the pro motocrossers and surfers were out in full form hitting high speeds and huge air. The next day we headed to Trail Six at San Onofre State Beach for sun and big waves, although we only got two out of three as most of the good waves were hiding for the day.

In between events, we went offroading in some of Toyota's four-wheel drive fleet, including the FJ Cruiser, 4-Runner Trail and Tacoma. Before jumping in these trucks, I thought they were pretty much designed for picking up kids or groceries. After taking them up into the mountains, however, I was blown away by what they could handle. The FJ Cruiser, in particular, is loaded with features like a high-mounted, double wishbone suspension and stabilizer bar, locking rear differential, A-Trac, and a ridiculous cyclone air pre-cleaner that keeps all the dust out of the truck. What this all translates to is that these things can climb, descend and basically shred almost any terrain.

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