The 2014 Masters Drinking Game


If there were ever an event that was easy to make a drinking game for it would be the Masters Tournament. Although we never know who will be leading after 72 holes (fingers crossed it’s someone who bleeds red, white and blue), the old footage they show throughout and commentary is always predictable. With that, we’ve once again made some slight modifications to last year’s Master’s drinking game to bring you this year’s Masters drinking game.

“Hello, friends.” DRINK!

Did a fan just yell something stupid after a tee shot? If yes, then DRINK

Did Jim Nantz just refer to the Masters as “A Tradition Unlike Any Other”? If so...DRINK

Were you just reminded that Nick Faldo won the Masters 25-years ago thanks to Scott Hoch shitting the bed on a two-foot putt? DRINK

Did you see video footage of Scott Hoch talking about how he hit the putt he wanted to hit and has no regrets? DRINK and then ponder how long it took him to believe his own bullshit.

Is the cameraman zoning in on a golf WAG or just a hot spectator? Either way… DRINK

An Eagle was made… DRINK

Paulina Gretzky’s controversial Golf Digest cover is mentioned. DRINK and then go have a few “moments” to yourself; you’ve been drinking and you’re lonely from all the golf you’ve been watching. You deserve it.

Is Freddie Couples sort of in contention? If yes, DRINK

Did you know Eisenhower Tree died AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO TALK ABOUT IT? DRINK

Have you just been reminded that Adam Scott won last year to win? DRINK

Speaking of Adam Scott, DRINK any time someone mentions what was served at his Champions Dinner.

And if you see this photo or footage of that photo, also DRINK

Anytime someone mentions how this might be Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia or Luke Donald’s year, DRINK

Someone gets a hole-in-one. DRINK… and by drink we mean shotgun at least two beers.

Did someone just mention how Kevin Streelman did a decent thing and gave a random kid on Twitter tickets to Wednesday practice rounds? DRINK

Just reminded that Feddie Couples and Jim Nantz were college roommates? DRINK

Well if it isn’t a clip of Phil’s amazing shot from the pine-straw… DRINK

TAKE A SHOT of the hairiest shit you own every time there is a severe meltdown or shank. Take two if it happens on Amen Corner.

Anytime Tiger someone mentions the absence of Tiger Woods or if he’ll catch Jack’s major record. DRINK

Is Norm MacDonald live tweeting this shit? Yes he probably is. So DRINK

Did an announcer just refer to a hole as “dog-leg right” or a “dog-leg left”? DRINK… but only if your penis hangs the way that was mentioned. If you don’t have a penis, drink for that fact alone and then make anyone with a penis in the room a bologna sandwich.

And finally, anytime someone drops one of the famed Masters words: Magnolia Lane, Butler Cabin, Rae’s Creek, Hogan’s Bridge, Amen Corner, Eisenhower Tree… DRINK

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