Here Are Our 2015 Week 2 NFL Picks Against The Spread


As predicted it was the Denver defense who won the game for them last night. First they created an Alex Smith interception with pressure that prevented Kansas City from scoring early in the 4th quarter. Then they caused Jamaal Charles to fumble and returned the ball for a game-winning touchdown. I’m not believing Peyton Manning is back to normal because he threw two interceptions and it could’ve been more. The one returned for a touchdown was a pass so bad that it reminded you of something you’d see in a Sunday morning rec league. His receivers definitely came through for him because his running game certainly did not. But hey, why get so fired up about one game when we’ve got 15 left to get through.

Locks of the Week:

Arizona -2 over CHICAGO
Arizona was great last year until Carson Palmer got injured. We saw them at it again last week And Chicago surely won’t get in their way. The Bears will struggle per usual on defense and won’t see the same running game success as they had against the Packers.

JC: Arizona

CINCINNATI -3 over San Diego
We will believe in the Bengals offense as long as they’re not playing in prime time or they’re not playing a top five defense. On the other side of the ball, they have all the weapons to make it a long day for Phil Rivers.

JC: San Diego

CAROLINA -2.5 over Houston
Carolina did what it had to do last week even though it didn’t look pretty. They should find their footing this week against Houston. Kansas City showed the blueprint last week and Travis Kelce’s performance can be replicated by Greg Olsen. I’m not on board with taking Ryan Mallet or Brian Hoyer in a road game against a good defense, so it doesn’t matter how much either plays.

JC: Carolina

Trap Games of the Week:

‎BUFFALO +1 over New England
I really don’t know what to say here. The Patriots are the better team, but Buffalo put itself on the map last week. The defense is beyond legit and Rex Ryan usually schemes up ways to control Tom Brady. I’m sure everyone looks at the line this week and thinks there’s no way it should be this close. Well it is and Vegas has it this way for a reason and they’re not pumping up the line any higher.

JC: New England

Rest of the Picks:

CLEVELAND -1.5 over Tennessee
There’s a lot of overreaction to the Titans in Week 1. Just because they beat up the Bucs doesn’t make them good. It just makes them better than the worse team in the league. Cleveland will get the offense going a little better this week since they’re facing a defense not as oppressive as the Jets were last week.

JC: Tennessee

NEW ORLEANS -10 over Tampa Bay
Speaking of Tampa Bay, here they are facing a team that should be able to blow them out just like the Titans did last week. Game two might go a little better for Winston, but the Saints will be able to score at will.

JC: New Orleans

San Francisco +7 over PITTSBURGH
I thought San Francisco was going to be a dumpster fire after what happened in the off-season. I was impressed how they came out and dominated Minnesota. Pittsburg won’t be the same offensively until Bell and Bryant are back and their defense surely isn’t good. This number is too high.

JC: San Francisco

St. Louis -3.5 over WASHINGTON
If the Redskins only scored 10 points at home last week to Miami, how are they going to score more this week without Desean Jackson against one of the two best defenses in football. If St. Louis plays smart offensively, the rest will take care of itself.

JC: St Louis

N.Y. GIANTS -2.5 over Atlanta
Last week’s loss to the Cowboys was such a Giants’ loss. That kinda crap always seems to happen in regular season games with Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning behind the wheel. But now they’ll bounce back against Atlanta in a shootout. The Falcons have a banged up Julio Jones and were 3-5 on the road last year. It’s bounce back time for the G-Men.

JC: Atlanta

MINNESOTA -2 over Detroit
I’m not sure what happened to Minnesota last week but I’ll blame the start time. Detroit has no excuses after it fell apart in the second half at San Diego. The loser of this game hurts its playoff chances dramatically. Look for Minnesota to get back to the running game, control the clock, and win a close one.

JC: Detroit

Baltimore +6 over OAKLAND
It looks as if Derek Carr is playing for Oakland this weekend. That means Baltimore will have the chance to generate some turnovers. The Ravens’ offense should also find clearer pastures than last week, allowing this one to be an easy win.

JC: Baltimore

Miami +5.5 over JACKSONVILLE
Miami’s offense didn’t look great last week and an underrated Jacksonville defense will contain it again this week. There’s a major edge, however, for Miami when the Jaguars have the football. There’s enough of an advantage to make this a double-digit victory.

JC: Miami

Dallas chose to pay Dez Bryant instead of DeMarco Murray this off-season and now they’ll head into Sunday’s game against Philadelphia without both of them. Tony Romo still has the ability to make his wide receivers better despite their lack of talent, but the sailing won’t be as sweet as it was against the Giants on the last drive. Besides, how can you pick any team that has these kinda fans. Philadelphia found its offensive footing in the second half last week and will be able to keep it going.

JC: Philadelphia

Seattle +3.5 over GREEN BAY
The rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game is missing a key player on both teams, but only one team has a mom calling the shots! Seattle may have looked like an unmotivated team last weekend, but their leadership will rally the troops for this opportunity. The advantage in this game lies when Seattle has the football as Marshawn Lynch should have a field day. That will be enough for Seattle to hang on.

JC: Seattle

N.Y. Jets +7.5 over INDIANAPOLIS
I’m sure Andrew Luck will get the offense going a lot better than it looked against Buffalo last week, but the Jets are no slouch either. Indianapolis doesn’t have the defense to make Ryan Fitzpatrick look like the pedestrian quarterback who he is, so he’ll be able to get enough points to combine with the Jets’ defense for a cover.

JC: Indy

This Week: 1-0
Last Week: 8-7-1
Season: 9-7-1
Locks: 2-1
Survivor: 1-0

JCamm: 7-9-1