A Look At The Favorites To Win The 2020 World Series And Some Interesting Prop Bets

baseball pitcher's mound

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It certainly seems as if baseball is coming back for a 2020 season. I was as skeptical as anyone that the owners and players would be able to come to an agreement and make an abbreviated season happen but I’m stoked to have some baseball to watch in the very near future along with another daily sport to be able to bet on.

The expectation is a 60-game season with new distancing rules and extra innings rules to speed up the game so we don’t have marathon-length baseball games. The National League will also use the DL for the first time. The latter might have some bearing on team performance so that’s certainly something to consider when placing any best on futures.


Opening Day is set for either July 23rd or 24th and the 60-game season will conclude on September 27th. Five teams from the AL and 5 teams from the NL will then compete in month-long playoffs. The schedules will be very regional (East Teams vs. East Teams) and all of this will have some impact on which teams will make the playoffs along with taking a look at which staffs are best built for a 60-game season.

The Westgate Sportsbook has already released odds on who will win the 2020 World Series and the Dodgers are the favorites at +350 followed closely by the Yankees at 4-1. The Astros are 12-1 while the Braves, Mets, Rays, and Twins are all 16-1 followed by the defending champion Nationals at 18-1. The Cubs, Athletics, Reds, and Angels are all 20-1 to win the 2020 World Series.

Here’s what the rest of the league looks like:

Indians; 25-1
Padres; 30-1
White Sox; 30-1
Cardinals; 30-1
Phillies; 30-1
Red Sox; 40-1
Brewers; 40-1
Diamondbacks; 50-1
Rangers; 80-1
Pirates; 200-1
Blue Jays; 200-1
Rockies; 200-1
Giants; 300-1
Mariners; 300-1
Marlins; 300-1
Royals; 300-1
Orioles; 500-1
Tigers; 500-1

The Westgate Sportsbook also has a solid amount of prop bets listed which you can find over on the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  Some fo those prop bets include whether or not a player will hit over .400 this season, if the Yankees and Dodgers match up in the World Series, who the first Astros player to get hit by a pitch will be (Alex Bregman is the favorite), and which league will win the World Series (NL is -105).


If you are curious as to what this season will look like with the new rules and schedules there’s a pretty good rundown of the changes on CBS Sports which you can check out right here.

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