Are NFL Punters ‘Actual Football Players?’ Houston’s Punter Donnie Jones Doesn’t Think So

by 7 years ago

During Monday Night's shellacking against the Patriots, Texans punter Donnie Jones injured his leg while trying to make a tackle. As Sports Grid's Dylan Murphy notes, “That a punter was injured while trying to do an athletic thing isn’t anything new. Jones, conciliatory reaction, however, well that’s a new one.”

This is one of those things that someone says, and then is blown WAYY out of proportion by people like me, who use shit like this statement to start interesting and somewhat related discussions. Kill the messenger if you want, but again, in the spirit of discourse, procrastination, and getting fired up about random topics:

 ‘Yeah, I mean I’m not an actual NFL ‘football’ player,’ Jones said. ‘I mean, come on. We know our roles. I had the same type thing in 2008. I had to push DeSean Jackson out of bounds. Somehow I chased him down, don’t know how I did it, and I fell and my knee blew up. Every now and then you get one. We’re punters and kickers. We’re a different breed.’”

Obviously, this is a distinction between brawn and skill. Every position sans the kicker requires a combination of both, and as we go down the player position spectrum, brawn becomes more and more important. Punting and kicking are crucial parts of the game, but clearly have very little to do with the brawn aspect. My takeaway is that all he's really saying is that if football were a subway line, most positions would be clustered rather close to each other, and kicker/punter would be that last stop, the really far out of the way one that no one really goes to, but is for some reason on the subway line for “miles covered” bragging purposes. Certainly a pretty nifty topic of discush, though. 

[H/T: Sports Grid]

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