Adrien Broner Loses Lawsuit Over Leaked Threesome Sex Tape, Provides Good Reason To Lock Your ‘Ho Phone’

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Nothing sucks quite as much as losing a cell phone loaded with all sorts of intimate details about you life. It’s one of the biggest nightmares of the modern era.

Notoriously douchey boxer Adrien Broner lost one of his phones and didn’t have it password protected. A threesome he recorded with it ended up on WorldStar. One of the stars of the threesome wasn’t happy that the sex tape went public, so she lawyered up and sued Broner. Today he lost that lawsuit:

A Nevada court just ordered the boxer to fork over $175,000 (plus other fees) to one of his co-stars from a 2013 romp after the footage mysteriously surfaced on World Star Hip Hop.

Broner had argued that he didn’t intentionally leak the video (which was shot with the consent of his 2 partners) … but he had lost the phone he shot it on and someone else posted it.

Here’s the kicker in the TMZ story. Broner testified that he has three phones on him at all time, including a dedicated “Ho Phone”

So, why didn’t Broner have a password on his phone?

The boxer testified that he has 3 phones on him at all times — a business phone, a family phone and a “ho phone” (his actual words).

Broner says he simply never bothered to password protect the ho phone — so anyone could’ve had access to his x-rated library.

As if there aren’t enough reasons to be paranoid in the world, Lock. Your. Damn. Ho. Phone. Every. Time.

It’s worth the peace of mind.

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