The Two Porn Stars Who Offered BJs For A Patriots Win Now Owe 500K Of Them And They Plan To Pay Up

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So, now be honest here, were you one of the people who after reading about how two porn stars would give blowies to all their Twitter followers if the Patriots won the Super Bowl started following them?

If so, were you thinking that your chances of getting that free BJ had pretty much evaporated when New England went down 28 to 3?

Well, you weren’t alone in your disappointment. Porn stars Lauren Phillips and Carmen Valentina, the two ladies who made the offer, were also pretty bummed.

David Covucci over at The Daily Dot caught up with Phillips and Valentina to discuss what they were thinking and what’s going to happen next…

“I was literally texting Carmen ‘It’s not happening, it’s not gonna happen.’ I was really bummed,” Phillips said. “I really thought— I had done all the research—I thought the Pats were going to win.”

Phillips was reasonably upset because she had a lot on the line. Her bet was for the fifth-ever Team BJ, a semi-regular event where porn stars choose a public competition and bet the house—the house being all a blowjob for everyone who follows the stars on Twitter. It’s been done for the World Cup, the NBA playoffs, and as a last-ditch effort to swing the vote for Hillary Clinton.”

And yes, they too were astounded by Julian Edelman’s insanely improbable catch

Together, at the kick-off of the Super Bowl, the duo had half a million followers. But the Falcons impressive start to the game left it looking like Team BJ wouldn’t go down (and neither would Valentina and Phillips).

Then the Pats started scoring, and one of the most amazing moments in Super Bowl history occurred.

“That Julian Edelman catch! The foot was in his face, he was falling down, I was like how did you catch that?” Phillips recalled, still in amazement.

So are they reallly going to blow 500,000 people? They say that they will.

“I don’t care how many dicks show up,” said Valentina. “If [500,000 dicks] show up, we [will] spread the event over several days.”

While the name of event implies Team BJ is only for men, Valentina and Phillips want women to know they welcome. In fact, they’re encouraged.

As for how they’ll prepare for such a feat?

“[I’ll] probably use a ball gag to work out those jaw muscles,” Valentina said about the weeks leading up to the event.

“It’s not gonna be rough,” Phillips said. “We’re like athletes. We build our bodies to take it. I’m used to a gangbang with five very well-endowed guys that I’m deep throating until tears come from my eyes.”

Oh, by the way, “Our goal is completion” for everyone, Phillips added.


Check out the rest of the interview here and enjoy a few more photos of the lucky ladies below…

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