Alonzo Mourning Confirms The ‘Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?’ Story Is True

In the early ages of the internet there was a rumor going around that Dikembe Mutombo would go around yelling “Who wants to sex to Mutombo?” at college parties in Georgetown.

The story would go.

Dikembe walked into a Georgetown bar one night [in the early ’90s], the entire place stopped to look at him, and in response, Mutombo just yelled out, “WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTOMBO?!”

The story became one of the biggest urban legends in NBA history and even had it’s own website for awhile.

Mutombo denied the story on Dan LeBatard’s show last year, but today Georgetown teammate Alonzo Mourning not only confirmed that the story was true but said that it was Dikembe’s pickup line in college.

h/t Uproxx for the video