Alyssa Milano Broke Out Her Bikini And Soaked In Some Sun During Her Trip To The All-Star Game

Alyssa Milano, who is somehow now 44-years-old, killed a few birds with one stone during her trip to Miami for the MLB All-Star Game. First, she seems to be a legit sports fan at times so I am sure she truly enjoyed all the festivities. Just check out the pics below. Also, she got to hawk her women’s sports-related clothing line. And on top of all that she got to remind people that she’s actually doing some acting again as she’s set to appear in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.

If there’s one thing the former Who’s the Boss? and Charmed star definitely knows it’s how to multi-task when it comes to business. She’s pretty savvy that way. I guess when you’ve been acting since you were 7-years-old you tend to pick up a few tricks.

One of those tricks that has not got unnoticed by Milano is the use of social media to help further your business ventures. Not only did Milano “casually” share a bunch of photos of herself in some of her company’s All-Star Game gear, she even threw in the ultimate rarity for her — a bikini picture.

Smart, huh? If it weren’t for that bikini picture I might not have noticed all her other goodies and shared them all with you today. She’s got it all figured out. Heck, I’ll even throw in the latest trailer for her movie below just because I love the hustle.

Looks like she had some decent seats for the game…

And she even hit the cage…in heels!

Here’s that trailer I promised…

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