The ‘Anchorman’ Team Calling The Chicago Cubs Gut-Wrenching World Series Win Is A Wave Of Emotion

by 2 years ago
Anchorman Cubs Win World Series

FunnyOrDie / Boo Ya Pictures

So much has happened in America over the past two weeks that it’s hard (for many people outside of Greater Chicago) to even remember what it was like when the Cubs won the World Series. In those first few hours after the Chicago Cubs won it all for the first time in over a century, we saw the Internet flooded with commemorative Cubs videos and memes, but that river of content dried up pretty quickly, until now:

If that Twitter embed isn’t working for you here’s the same video embedded from Facebook:

If neither works (they should) then you can head over to FunnyOrDie‘s website.

The bros over at Boo Ya Pictures just released a new video on FunnyOrDie and it’s a mashup of Ron Burgundy and the entire Anchorman team riding the extreme roller coast of emotion as the Chicago Cubs seemed destined to win the World Series before the Cleveland Indians came roaring back and made it a ballgame. Ultimately, as we all know, the Cubs prevailed, and this is something that fits perfectly when mashed up with Anchorman.

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