Ric Flair Is Beside Himself With Joy While Telling Story About Andre the Giant Drinking 106 Beers in Five Hours


As fucking gigantic as Andre the Giant was, and as much as I want to believe that he consumed 106 beers in five hours and Ric Flair witnessed it, I’m skeptical. Andre’s drinking has been well-documented and, quite frankly, legendary (if true). I want it to be true. And for all I know it might actually be true; maybe giantism comes with the ability to out drink an entire army. Hell, it should. But I’m still calling bullshit. Especially since Flair claims Andre’s manager, a normal-sized biped, tried to go drink-for-drink with the Giant but only managed to swill 55 beers.

A regular person. FIFTY FIVE BEERS in five hours. There is no fucking way. I can’t even daydream about the scenario where I drank 55 beers in five hours and don’t die. I guess I’m just a pussy like that.