Andy Dalton Was Offended By J.J. Watt’s Joke Because Andy Dalton Is A Jackass


If you found yourself under the unfortunate circumstances of watching theTexans beat the Bengals 10-6 Monday night, it’s possible you were also privy to J.J. Watt’s incredibly weak joke about Andy “Red Rifle” Dalton shortly after the game.

Ah yes, J.J. Watt has also seen “A Christmas Story.” GREAT STUFF. Though it would’ve made a little more sense — maybe — if Dalton looked less like Scut Farkus and more like Ralphie, who tragically shot his own eye out.

Andy Dalton Red Rider BB gun

But whatever, the joke was harmless. What’s astoundingly stupid was Dalton’s reaction to it.

“I’m disappointed in him because of the integrity of this game. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s a really good player. There are a lot of kids and people who look up to him, and for him to make comments like that, he’s just showing that’s acceptable to say that kind of stuff” have but one question: Is Andy Dalton fucking serious?


If I were to read his reaction quote without knowing what J.J. Watt said, I would have assumed the Texans defensive end said something derogatory about Andy Dalton’s wife. Or his lack of testicular fortitude. Or something, you know, actually offensive.

Please think of the children next time you make a reference to a family movie, J.J. You’re better than that.

You may now place your entire savings account on the Bengals losing in the first round of the playoffs, if you hadn’t already.

Oh, and as you might expect, there’s also this.

Andy Dalton Sad Michael Jordan

[h/t Deadspin, The Big Lead]

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