Andy Ruiz Jr.’s Family Made A Boatload Of Money By Betting On Him To Beat Anthony Joshua

andy ruiz jr family betting winnings

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On Saturday night, Anthony Joshua stepped into the ring against the absolute unit who is Andy Ruiz Jr., and while the guy with two first names was expected to retain his heavyweight title, it’s safe to say things didn’t exactly turn out as anticipated.


While he might be a professionally trained fighter who’s been grinding for years in search of the opportunity he took full advantage of over the weekend, you wouldn’t really know it by looking at him, and the Large Adult Son immediately captured the hearts and minds of the internet as soon as the final bell rang.

Ruiz was listed as a +1200 underdog heading into the fight—which seemed like a bit of a sucker’s bet given Joshua’s credentials despite the potential return—and there’s at least one guy out there who probably wasn’t too thrilled with the upset.

With that said, more than a few bettors were in Ruiz’s corner and Vegas ended up paying the price.

On Tuesday, Ruiz chatted with Jimmy Kimmel and shed some light on what it’s like to be the first-ever Mexican heavyweight championship.

While he was undoubtedly pleased with the result of the fight and the boatload of cash he made as a result of it, it turns out his family was also pretty thrilled based on how much money they made betting on him, as he revealed, “My dad, my brother, my mom…all of them almost made $10,000 off of me. They made $10,000.”

This year’s family reunion is going to be lit.