Bro Tries To Bench 225-Pounds For As Many Reps As He Can In 20 Minutes, Grunts Out More Than Most



When you’re young (or laughably weak) benching 225-pounds for even one rep is the dream. Those two plates just look so good, so clean on that bar. It’s one of the first fitness goals I ever remember having. It was something to aspire to.

After you reach that goal, however, you then either become A) mostly complacent (see: me) wanting to do it for reps — because hey, that’s cool –but at the same time you don’t want to become freakishly big OR B) you become freakishly big like Furious Pete and struggle taking off a sweater for the rest of your life. On the bright side, though, if you opted for B, you can probably do what Pete does in the video below, which is lift 225lbs a fuck load of times in 20 minutes. So there’s that.

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